RAYWAY™ Rubber Antioxidant DTPD

Antioxidant DTPD, which can be classified in the p-phenylene antioxidant groups, is an effective antioxidant used in the tire industry and is also widely used for other rubber products to stop them from cracking and aging.
1. When used in tires, anti-ozone, anti-scratch and anti-cracking performance is similar to antioxidant 4010NA or 4020, superior to A and D.
2. DTPD has good long-term performance, especially when mixed with the same amount of 4010NA and 4020, this is the best combination of chemicals to extend the life of tires. The reason is that the two kinds of antioxidants have synergism. Antioxidant 4010NA or 4020 provides short-time protection, but DTPD can provide long-term protection.
3. Because of one or two solubilizing groups on the benzene rings in DTPD, the solubility in the rubber is enhanced highly and the bloom is reduced so that a large quantity of DTPD can be used in rubber.
4. Because it has a small alkaline level, DTPD is suitable for truck tires, cross-country tires, diagonal tires and radial ply tires used in hard circumstances.
5. DTPD can completely correct the drawback of tires becoming red from using 4010NA or 4020. DTPD is widely used when producing diagonal tires and radial ply tires and is popular in the tire and rubber industry.


Molecular Formula:C20H20N2

Molecular Weight: 288.38600
CAS NO: 27417-40-9

Item Standards
Product form Graininess
Appearance Dark brown granule
Assay %(≥)
Initial melting point (dry)℃(≥) 90-100
Heating loss (65 ℃,3h)%(≤) 0.5
Ash (800 25 ℃) %(≤) 0.3

Dark brown granule

Product Data

Melting point/°C≥87.0~105.0, Heating loss/%≤0.50, Ash/%≤0.50, Purity/%≥80.0, Iron content (ppm)≤750, Gravity (g/m3)1.15~1.23


It can be used for sizing materials. It has good ozone resistance and excellent bending cracking resistance. Suitable for truck tires, off-road tires, various tires and bias tires.


The product should be stored in a dry and cool place with good ventilation. Avoiding exposure to direct sunlight. The validity is 12 months.


25kg kraft paper bag with PE inner.