50% ZDEC Dispersion

1Product Name:50% Zinc diethyldithiocarbamate dispersion (ZDEC)

2Scope of application:    Suitable for natural latex gloves, nitrile gloves, balloons, latex pillows and mattresses, latex sheets.

3 、Main ingredients: ZDEC, dispersant, water

4. Product features:

ZDEC is an ultra-fast accelerator, mainly used in latex products to accelerate the vulcanization of latex. We adopt internationally advanced dispersion technology to make the dispersion products more stable, have better dispersibility, smaller particle size and have higher activity. The dispersion system is convenient to use and easy to add while ensuring the uniformity and stability of the production system and the quality of products.

5 、Amount added:0.5~ 1.5phr(phr: 100 parts by weight of the additive based on the elastomer)

6Precautions during use:

①. Pay attention to protection during use; Once in the eyes or attached to the body, please rinse with water.

② Slight settlement will occur during transportation; Before use, be sure to stir evenly to avoid affecting the material performance.

③. Take care of the environment. Do not throw away the grinding fluid or packaging bucket. If the grinding fluid flows into the environment,   please contact the supervision unit to take measures.

7Storage precautions

①. Please keep it sealed.

②. Please avoid sunlight; Please keep it between 5 ℃ – 40 ℃ .

Solid content/% 51.5±1
PH value 7-11
viscosity/mPa ·s <1500
Fineness D50/ μm <2
Fineness D90/ μm <5