1. Thiazole accelerators are acidic quasi-rapid accelerators with higher activity than hyposulfonamides, but lower than the thiuram and dithiocarbamates. Accelerator M is one of the more used rubber products, and accelerators DM/MZ/CZ/DZ, etc. Thiazole accelerator has high vulcanization activity, fast vulcanization rate, good flatness of vulcanization, medium length of scorch time, and good safety in actual operation; vulcanized rubber has good comprehensive physical and mechanical properties, high tensile strength and elongation at break; medium fixed extension stress and hardness, good wear resistance and ageing resistance, small compression permanent deformation, etc. It is widely used in rubber.

2. Thiazole accelerator application

Thiazole accelerator and guanidine or aldehyde amine weak accelerator can improve the activity of the accelerator, shorten the vulcanization time and reduce the vulcanization temperature, while improving the tensile strength, tensile strength, wear resistance of vulcanized rubber. Commonly used types are accelerator M(MBT) and accelerator D(DPG), and accelerator M(MBT) and accelerator DM(MBTS)/TMTD.

Thiazole accelerators and sulfenamide accelerators used, although it is detrimental to the late effect of the vulcanization system, do not need a higher late effect, a small number of thiazole accelerators can be used to improve the speed of vulcanization.

3. Thiazole class in the application of rubber products. 

Thiazole accelerators are used in white, light-coloured and transparent rubber products. Among them, MBT is used as a accelerator, but also as the parent of the secondary sulfonamide accelerator. Thiazole-type accelerators can be used in the production of recycled rubber inner tubes, hoses, tires, tapes, recycled rubber shoes and other rubber products. In the actual production process according to the actual situation, we can reasonably choose the matching system and reasonably arrange the dosage of thiazole accelerator to achieve the best vulcanization speed and good flatness of vulcanization, and at the same time make the products improve the performance of vulcanized rubber. 

Sulfenamides accelerators mainly include MBT(M), MBTS(DM), ZMBT(MZ)