Accelerator Dialkylphosphorodithiloate always means accelerator ZDTP and ZBPD

Rubber Accelerator ZDTP

AppearanceClear liquidLight white powder
OdourNo odourNo odour
Purity, %99.570-71.5
Sulfur, %17 12
Zinc, %10
Phosphorous, % 85.0-6.0
Insoluble in methanol, % 28.5-31.5
Specific gravity at 15.6℃1.06-1.151.21-1.31

Performance: ZDTP is mainly used as an EPDM vulcanization accelerator, with the characteristics of no frost, fast vulcanization speed and low cost.
Use: ZDTP is a fast vulcanization accelerator for NR and EPDM, which greatly improves the reversion performance of the rubber when used with MBTS or hyposulfonamide accelerators in NR formulations, and has no amine structure, so it can be used in the vulcanization system without nitrosamines and does not cause discolouration or contamination.

Rubber Accelerator ZBPD

Item Liquid Powder
Appearance Clear liquid Light white powder
Odour No odour No odour
Purity, % 99.5 70-75
Sulfur, % 21.8  15.3-16.3
Zinc, % 11.1  7.8-8.3
Phosphorous, %  10.5

The accelerator ZBPD is a fast rubber accelerator for natural rubber (NR) and EPDM rubber (EPDM). 1-4 PHR (based on 75% ZBPD) can be added for NR and EPDM applications. ZBPD is non-staining and non-discolouring to the product when applied. For EPDM rubber, ZBPD is a non-frosting, low cost, ultra-rapid accelerator; in natural rubber, ZBPD has a significant anti-vulcanisation reduction effect when combined with thiazole and hyposulphonamide accelerators. As ZBPD does not contain nitrogen in its molecules, it does not produce carcinogenic substances in its application – nitrosamines. In order to improve the resistance to vulcanisation reduction of rubber products in NR, the right dosage is chosen to achieve a better balance between scorching and resistance to vulcanisation reduction, and the products have good ageing resistance. Due to its non-frosting and non-discolouring properties, it can be used in transparent NR rubber soles. In the vulcanisation system S 1.5, NOBS 1.0, DTDM 0.8 natural rubber, ZBPD-75 0.7 replaces DTDM 0.8, the rubber performance is close, but the ageing performance is better.