RAYWAY™ Food Grade Casein

Chemical Name: Casein

Molecular Formula:C81H125N22O39P

Molecular Weight:2061.95

CAS NO:9000-71-9



Product Description: High-quality milk protein products, which is made from quark acidification, also known as casein, duplicate casein, available range of mesh: 40-110 mesh, 30-60 mesh, 60-90 mesh, 90-110 mesh.

Moisture % ≤12.0
Protein(dry base) % ≥92.0
Fat% ≤2.0
Ash content % ≤2.0
Acidity T° 45 T°
Color Pale yellow or milky white
microorganism Standar
Total bacteria / g ≤30,000
Coliform group cfu/g ≤10
Yeast cfu / g ≤50
Mold cfu/g ≤50
Staphylococcus (yeast coagulin)/0.1 g Negative
Thermophilic organism / g ≤5,000
Salmonella / 25g Negative

Pale yellow or milky white powder

Product Data

Viscosity:25℃ 8600Mpa.s 40℃ 1800Mpa.s
Moisture % ≤12.0
Protein(dry base) % ≥92.0
Fat% ≤2.0
Ash content % ≤2.0
Acidity T° 45 T°


Food grade: Various food and drinks, non-dairy creamer (creamer), pet food, dairy products, sodium caseinate, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Industrial grade: High-speed green trademark adhesive, high-grade underwear, artificial clothing, medical latex industry, paper tube daily, high-voltage electrical insulation material manufacturing, non-toxic detergent preparation, ink and so on.


Store under cool and dry conditions to prevent mildew and humidity


25kg plastic film bag or kraft paper bag