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Rayway Chemical is a family-owned business based in Qingdao, China. We have been operating high-quality rubber chemical products since 2006. We are trading company before. In the year 2020, as the covid-19 virsus came and many factories unable to continue business, there’s a big chance standing front us, so we invested a rubber acclerators factory which will go bankrupt. That doubling our turnover in 2021. For a company, providing one-stop solution is required for their customers, that will be sustainable development for a company. We put products quility on the first forever. Customer experience also comes first. We cooperate with powerful large enterprises, produced with high quality raw materials. We continue to expand sales channels, continuously developing new products. Also, we together develop some new products with some large enterprise, specialize in private branding and custom packing on any of our products.

Why Us?



Our Technical and Market Analysis Team Can Help Our Clients  Reduce Cost And then increase revenue.



We have been focusing on chemicals since 2006 and we have enough resources in the industry.



Our products cover a wide range and provide products in most rubber-related chemicals. One-stop service help clients save time.

As a attached service,technical support are also given to you with products. Maybe your competitors had got new information and products from us.Do you want to lag behind your competitors? Its very easy to contact us.

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Some Questions And Answers

We are an industrial&trading company, we have a factory that manufacture rubber accelerators and we also do some trading for rubber chemicals. Our supply chain is strong, so we have the strength to compete with large factories.

One of our  goal is to provide clients with better products and assist them to obtain updated technology.

We accept flexible payment terms, T/T , L/C and so on.

For solid products, we have small packages of 25kg and 50kg, as well as ton packages. We have 25kg, 35kg, 200kg and ton barrels for liquids.If you have special requirements, please contact us

We can use a third-party agency to inspect the product, and we provide a video of loading the cabinet.

We have enough experience of chemistry solutions,and our technical teams would help us to solve chemical problems.