RAYWAY™ Rubber Accelerator ZEPC(PX)


Molecular Formula: C18H20N2S4Zn
Molecular Weight: 458.02
CAS NO: 14634-93-6

Item Powder Oiled powder Granule
Appearance White powder(granule)
Initial M.P. ℃≥ 205.0 205.0 205.0
Loss on drying % ≤ 0.50 0.50 0.50
Zinc content % 13.0-15.0 13.0-15.0 13.0-15.0
Residue on 150μm sieve % ≤ 0.10 0.10
Additive % 0.1-2.0
Granule Diameter mm 1.50

White powder

Product Data

Tasteless, odourless, non-toxic. The relative density is 1.50. soluble in hot chloroform, hot benzene, slightly soluble in gasoline, benzene, toluene, hot alcohol, insoluble in acetone, carbon tetrachloride, ethanol and water.


This product is a super accelerator that is relatively safe to operate. When used with accelerator DM, the anti-scorch performance increases. The critical temperature of vulcanization of this product is low, and the activity is higher than that of the Thiuram accelerator, and it can be used for the vulcanization of natural rubber, SBR and other types of rubber in the range of 80-125℃. It is especially suitable for the vulcanization of latex and has little effect on the viscosity of latex during storage. Because of its non-pollution, non-discolouration, odourless, tasteless, and non-toxic can be used in the manufacture of food contact impregnated latex products and transparent and colourful products, medical products, latex model products, impregnated products, latex sponges, adhesive cloth, self-vulcanizing paste, etc.


It should be stored in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place. Packaged products should be protected from direct sunlight and are valid for 1 year.


25kg plastic woven bags, paper-plastic composite bags, and kraft paper bags.