RAYWAY™ Rubber Antioxidant BHT264 (Food Grade)


Molecular Formula: C15H24O
Molecular Weight: 220.36
CAS NO: 128-37-0

First grade Qualified
Appearance White crystal or crystalline powder
Purity, w/% > 99.6 > 99.5
Melting point(Initial) / °C > 69.0
Moisture, w/% < 0. 05 < 0.10
Cauterized residue, w/% < 0. 005 < 0. 01
Sulphate (SO4),w/% < 0. 002
As (mg/kg) < 1
Heavy Metal(Pb)/mg/kg) < 5
Free phenol(p-cresol), w/% < 0. 02
Chroma(Pt-Co), No. < 40 < 45

White crystals

Product Data

Density 1.048 g/cm³, Melting point(Initial) / °C> 69.0, Moisture, w/%< 0. 05


BHT264 is a widely used oil-soluble antioxidant that inhibits or delays the oxidative degradation of plastics or rubber, extending their service life. It prevents the rise of acid value or viscosity of lubricating oil and fuel oil. It is used as the main antioxidant because of its strong antioxidant capacity, good heat resistance and stability, no special odor, no color reaction when it meets metal, and low price. It is a non-polluting antioxidant stabilizer for natural rubber, butadiene rubber, butadiene rubber, neoprene rubber, butyl rubber, isoprene rubber, ethylene propylene rubber, transformer oil, all kinds of latex products (especially white or light-colored rubber products, latex products), etc.


Store in a dry, light-proof special indoor warehouse, and must be under the bedding layer to prevent moisture. Storage period is 1 year


25kg kraft paper bag