RAYWAY™ Rubber Antioxidant Wingstay L

KY-616 (Wingstay L, CPL) is a highly active, low volatility, multi-purpose, non-polluting polymeric hindered phenolic antioxidant. It is recommended as an excellent antioxidant for natural and synthetic rubber polymers and butadiene compounds are equally effective in latex and have excellent dispersibility or compatibility. It shows low migration or extraction under repeated washing and steaming of rubber, elastic yarn, carpet backing, foam, etc.
KY-616 is not only an excellent antioxidant, but it is also insoluble in water and aliphatic compounds, so natural and synthetic rubber products with KY-616 do not need to worry about the water-soluble migration of the antioxidant during use. It also provides excellent protection against everyday cleaning agents and oils. KY-616 has a synergistic effect when combined with phosphite and thiolipid antioxidants.


Molecular Formula: C10H12·C7H8O·C4H8

Molecular Weight: 650
CAS NO: 68610-51-5

Item Specifications
Appearance Pale milky white powder or yellow-brown flakes
Initial Melting Point ≥115℃
Volatility ≤0.50% wt
Ash Content ≤0.15% wt

Pale milky white powder or yellow-brown flakes

Product Data

Initial Melting Point ≥115℃
Volatility ≤0.50% wt
Ash Content ≤0.15% wt


Mainly used to protect light-coloured, pollution-free coloured compounds, such as natural rubber, sealant, ABS, BR, IR, NBR, NR, SBR, SBS, SIS and other derivatives. Can be used in the processing of polymers, such as elastic thread, carpet backing, foam rubber pad material, shoe sole material, household and surgical rubber gloves, medical products, baby pacifiers, rubber additives, thermos bottles, bathroom mats, auto parts, paper coating, etc., to enhance stability. Capable of protecting natural and synthetic polymers based on isoprene and butadiene chemistry, it can be used as a highly effective polyphenol additive.


Store airtight in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place. Avoid direct sunlight.


Laminated paper bags lined with plastic film bags (net weight 25 kg) / poly bags (net weight 1000/500 kg)